Mercer 35J Raceabout restoration

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1911 Mercer 35J Raceabout


 Mercer history not known. I think many parts are Mercer, but some of the parts are copy's. not too sure.

I suspect the origanal owner/builder probably had part of a mercer, whoever it was certanly put some work into this.

The engine: block and T heads . not sure, many of the acillarys seem to be Mercer.

Anybody know about this Mercer?

Before the strip down.

Engine, not running, has a starter motor fitted. not std

Seems everything i look at and take apart needs plenty of work, looks like many parts i will have to machine from chassis parts to engine parts.

 Bent valves, worn crank, broken camshaft...phew

Doing a test assemble, as i have to make many fastners, steering arm, rear U bolts and plates complete rear brake mechanism.

Test fitting the bodywork and wood parts

Front mudgaurds and rear trunk are being re-manufactured.

Seats in leather, getting somewhere...i think.