CB400F Replacement parts in Stainless steel

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Ideal for your restoration or a bike that gets used in all kinds of weather.

A select range of parts for your CB400F 1975-1977, manufactured in 303 or 304 Stainless steel.

Where possible these parts replicate the OEM part. 

Scheduled to manufacture around Feb 2017, photo's will be added when the parts are available to purchase.

Cam chain adj lock bolt, replaces 90016-286-000

Rocker shaft bolt, replaces 90084-333-000. ordered as a set of 4

Cam chain top blanking bolt, replaces 25911-

Clutch cable adjuster bolt, replaces 22818-354-000, Nut is included

Oil drain plug, replaces 92800-12000

Headlight bolt, replaces 90120-377-000. ordered as a pair

Front axle spacer, replaces 44311-300-000

Brake caliper bolts, replaces 90165-323-000. sold as a pair

Gauges mount nut, replaces 90282-329-000 sold as a pair

Lower triple tree bolt, replaces 92000-08032-0A, sold as a pair

Kick stand bolt, replaces 90108-283-000

Front footrest pin, replaces 90603-033-000. sold as a pair

Passenger footpeg pin, replaces 95015-81000

Brake torque arm bolt (front), replaces 90133-286-000

Chain adjuster, replaces 40543-312-010. Sold as a pair

Brake plate to torque arm bolt, replaces 90127-283-000

Chain adjuster bolt M7, replaces 90119-283-000. sold as a pair, incl nuts

Lower shock bolt, replaces 9300-10032-0A

R/H rear wheel spacer, replaces 42313-369-000

L/H rear wheel spacer, replaces 42311-286-000

Rear L/H motor spacer, replaces 50329-286-010

Rear Sprocket drive pin, replaces 90128-369-000. sold as a set of 4